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LLF Double Down (aka "Doubler") - 2012 Registered ASHDA Gelding

This gelding has it all... beauty, brains and character to boot!! Doubler is registered with the American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Association and is a qualified Bronze Ambassador the breed.  

Doubler is an absolutely FUN and EXTRAORDINARY performance and pleasure gelding!  He is a DECORATED SHOW HORSE with wins Halter, Hunt Seat, Dressage and Western Dressage. He is a formidable competitor in the ring and judges really love him. 

In addition to his show ring success, we're taking this guy on trail rides, obstacle courses and clinics. He recently CROSSED A LINE OF FIRE!!! Plus he's crossed tires, a mattress, crossed a teeter totter, went through pool noodles and he's crossed more natural obstacles such as creeks, washouts and bridges!

Doubler Video

About Doubler, Training & Show -Ring Success

Doubler's "cross-training" includes on-site arena work, field / hacking out, and regular offsite trips for shows, clinics, lessons and trail rides.  Doubler is an uncomplicated ride and the forgiving kind.  More push-style, but he does have plenty of willingness to move forward. He is soft in the bridle and responsive to all cues and aids.  Doubler slows down and stops off your seat.  Our warm-up is usually on a totally loose rein.  He can trot and canter 'on-the-buckle' and doesn't speed up or race off.  No buck, rear, bolt or other creative attempts to unseat a rider.  Although young, he handles new situations and new environments great.  Typically, he travels without a companion and he's always up for a new adventure!   This guy is happy in or out of the ring, in fields or on the trail.  He hacks out alone and does great in a group as well.  He's definitely an easy, fun, versatile gelding!


Doubler is an absolute rising star in Dressage!! Schooling 1st and 2nd level requirements.  He has a great shoulder-in, haunches-in and leg-yield.  He is working on the half pass, collections, extensions, walk-to-canter transitions and counter-canter. This guy is certain to move up the levels quickly!

Hunt Seat Under Saddle  

With many wins, Doubler has excelled (and is very hard to beat) in Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation at shows!  Doubler has won over many different types of breeds including Friesians, Arabians and Stock show horses alike!

Western Dressage

Wow! With scores of 73.54%, 74.37% and 75.7%, Doubler cleans up in Western Dressage! The judge adored him and her comments were "Beautiful Horse!", "Lovely" and "Awesome Ride".  Woohoo... way to go D' man!

On the Trail & Obstacles

Wow! Doubler has limited, but excellent trail exposure.  He is an absolute blast on trails and has no issues going through creek crossings, up wash-outs, down wash-outs, over bridges, galloping through open fields and winding through the trees in the woods. He'll trot away from the group, rejoin friends, follow in the group and lead the way.   We've hauled Doubler offsite for trail rides as well as lots of riding around the surrounding 200 acres.  Happy to ride off alone and does not need a buddy. No problem leaving the barn and doesn't rush the rider to get back. 

He has also completed the 4Shepherds Horsemanship clinic, hosted by a retired Dallas Mounted Police Officer.  In this clinic he led a group of 17 other horses and riders over a line of FIRE!! Plus he was brave and happy to cross tires, a mattress, through pool noodles and over a teeter totter!

Ground Manners

YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO!!  Footage includes TRAILER LOADING HALTER-LESS and much more including how he gallops up to greet you, ground tying, clipping ears, hoof handling, ground cues, tacking up and more!!!

Baby Pics!

More Info!

  •  DOB: 6/14/12 
  • Height: sticked at 15.2hh
  • Genetic testing confirms Doubler is HYPP, MY, GBED, HERDA, and JEB1 negative and n/P1
  • Registration papers in-hand
  • We bought Doubler directly from the breeder, so we are his second owner
  • Doubler is used to many different kinds of animals including: dogs, goats, peacocks, rabbits, pigs, cats, turkey's, chickens, you name it!
  • No history of colic, founder or other illness and no maintenance required
  • Up to Date on Coggins, Vaccinations, De-Worming and Farrier
  • Doubler has healthy, strong hooves, he's barefoot and has never been shod
  • Doubler is turned out 24/7 in good weather and stalled during storms
  • No vices and no maintenance
  • Conformation photos in Doubler's folder in Photo Gallery! 

Doubler's only "thing" is he has a VERY high play drive.  He wants to put everything in his mouth - ropes, reins, halters, brushes and yes... fingers and anything else within reach.  He does need to be watched and I definitely keep my eye on him! I'm confident he'd find my pony-tail, hats and clothing equally appealing!  

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