Glee Hastings Horses


"No locker room speeches. No play books. No contracts or free agents. Not even a word spoken between teammates.  Doesn't that make it the greatest of all team sports?"

                                                                                                       - Horse magazine ad from decades ago

About Us

With a unique cross-training program, our horses are exposed and trained to be competent in a variety of disciplines!  We’ve personally ridden these horses through desensitization clinics, on the trail, around cows or goats, across creeks, in competitive trail rides, and at shows. We never box our horses in!  They are encouraged to explore, be curious, bold, adventurous and to be open minded to new situations.  Because of this, our horses are willing, respectful and SUCCESSFUL partners!  WATCH A FEW OF OUR VIDEOS below and you'll see why we can make that claim!

Our passion is to sell quality, well trained, well mannered horses!  We have experience selling horses throughout the US as well as into Canada.  Our farm is on 38 acres, conveniently located about an hour South of Dallas, Texas.  We update our website nearly weekly, so all information is up-to-date.  We'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to call (214-566-9775) or email via our contact page.

Proof Is In The Videos...

Seeing is believing and videos are the proof of training.  Here are just a few videos which demonstrate the level of training and experiences our horses receive:

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