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This photo was a "Back in the Saddle" Runner Up in their February Horse of the Month Contest!

'All About Me' aka Alvin is a BIG, beautiful 9 year old, AHR registered haflinger gelding. Alvin certainly shines bright in many areas but his true greatness is on the trail. At 4, he was ridden in the mountains of Reserve, New Mexico and since then has logged many more, fun trail miles! He is confident and fantastic alone on trails and also great with a group. He is a natural leader when trail riding with others, but he has no issues in the middle or back of the line. Alvin is perfect at crossing any obstacle - creeks, bridges, rock crossings, stock ponds, washouts, whatever you want - even fire! He doesn't hesitate, balk or refuse. He's so level headed and NOT spooky that trail riding is very enjoyable on him. He'll drag anything from logs to trash bags, walk under flapping tarps, through a "car-wash" and I even check our mail box from his back! Plus, he's successful at executing the ACTHA obstacles - pinwheels, opening/closing gates w/ one hand, side passing over logs, picking up trash, etc. Not barn or buddy sour at all. He is absolutely one of the bravest horses I've been on. Lots of experience with weekly on property trail rides, road rides and hauled offsite for trail rides several times a month. On property trail rides are usually always bareback in just a halter. Just hop on and go. Alvin has never said "NO" to me and he will literally (and happily) go anywhere I ask him. He's such a good boy!

Alvin is UTD on trimming, de-worming, yearly vaccinations (until the spring 2013), coggins and just had his teeth floated in December 2012. He is 14.3hh (vet measured on concrete), sound and barefoot. DNA tested to prove parentage. Registered with AHR and Lifetime Memberships with USDF and USEF. Silver Rated German imported sire and Austrian imported Dam (winner of the East Coast Pony Cup!).

Price: $12,000


*Ground Work - I promise you will be impressed! A must see if Alvin interests you!

*Trail video - a whole herd of cows coming at us and then a quick dip in the stock tank!

*This is just a fun one!! Work Hard and Play Hard with Alvin. Halter, Bareback & lots of MUD!!

*English Under Saddle 

*Western Dressage at Fairfield Dressage Show - Primary Level 2

*Western Dressage at Fairfield Dressage Show - Primary Level 3

Recent Activities / Results... 

12/8/12 - ACTHA (Competitive Trail Ride) @ Camp El Har in Dallas

*Alvin's 1st ACTHA ride and we got 2nd place!! 58 riders and lots of fun obstacles!

11/18/12 - Road Ride to Frost, TX

*SOLO road ride all the way to the town of Frost, TX! This was Alvin's first 12 mile trip and he was an absolute pro!!

8/25/12 - 4Shephards Desensitization Clinic

*Alvin walked through FIRE!!! He literally led a group of 24 over a line of fire!! No kidding... this horse will walk through fire for his rider. That was one of the neatest experiences of my life!! This horse is amazing!!

2012 Western Dressage Shows

*Ridden through Primary Level 3

*Many wins with scores up to 79.2%

*Below are some of the judges comments...

"Epitome of Western Dressage Horse & fabulous to watch"  

"So much fun to watch - encourages to get out on the circuit & show western dressage"

"Horse has potential to be Ambassador for the Breed"

*Western Dressage Rail Class - walk/jog/lope / 1st Place

2012 Horse Trials Show (no XC)

*Intro Test A - 65% Dressage and Alvin also did great in his first stadium jumping competition. / Reserve Champion

Alvin is completely competent in the following:

*Stands Tied and cross tied - no issues with pulling back, pawing, etc

*Hauls well - easy to load/unload and easily backs out if necessary. He drinks lots of H20 when offsite.

*Easy to Catch -walks up to handler; zero issues

*Grooming - good with hoof handling, brushing, fly spraying, etc

*Good for baths - no issues with sprayers, water, etc.

*Leads well - stops when you stop, walks when you walk and backs when you back. Doesn't race ahead or drag behind

*Lunges - w/t/c- he knows cues for each speed, change of direction, stopping, etc.

*Ground Ties

*Pivots - forehand, side passes and pivots on hindquarters

*Yields - drops his head with pressure on poll from hand or halter; yields to all pressure as requested from handler

*Responsive - flexes softly in the halter and backs on command

*Easy to tack - no issues saddling or bridling

Reference Pictures (these images do not belong to GHH)

German Imported Sire: Alois

(Silver Classified - 77.8%)

Austrian Imported Dam: Massina Wulf

(Purple Classified - 74%)

Baby Pic 

4 Years Old - Trail Riding in NM

6 Years Old - Walk/Trot Winner with 10 & Under Rider

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