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"Andy Rock" is a gorgeous registered 8 year old haflinger gelding out of the IMPORTED GOLD RATED sire 'A Rock'. Andy is truly the versatile Super Horse! Win at shows, ride rugged trails, cross fire or go for a buggy ride! He has it all - the breeding, looks, talent and personality!

Andy is CLEANING UP in the show ring! High Score Division Champion in dressage with all scores above 70%! He has also won Sport Horse Under Saddle and Division Champion in Hunt Seat Under Saddle. This horse knows how to work his magic at shows and the judges ADORE him!   

Topping off the good looks and versatile mind-set is a very comical and interactive personality. He's hilarious and I do believe he understands humor and enjoys making 'us humans' laugh. Andy definitely offers unconditional love and loyalty to anyone and everyone!

Currently offered for sale: $10,000

Over 30 pictures, scanned vet documents and Andy's AHR papers are in his album on the Photo Gallery page.

Andy is fantastic under saddle and very compliant. He has horse-power and forwardness, but he is extremely grounded and uncomplicated. He naturally travels quite straight and is extremely steady in the bridle. Andy is showing training level and schooling 1st and some 2nd level. Solid start to leg yielding, shoulder-ins and has started counter canters and lengthening's. Andy has a nice response to leg and seat aids and really does love the sport. He rides great anywhere from a covered arena with 20 other horses warming up to a solo ride in a wide open field on windy day. Andy is safe to haul and ride alone and is frequently schooled offsite. Andy is ready, willing and capable for the next level!

Andy has a BIG presence in the ring and is certainly winning the hearts of the judges and spectators alike. High Score Champion in the Intro Division and wins in western dressage with all scores above 70%! Andy also has wins in Sport Horse Under Saddle and went Division Champion in Hunt Seat Under Saddle! Go Andy!

Dressage Scores

Traditional Dressage: Intro A - 70.5% - 1st Place / Intro B - 72.5% - 1st Place & Division Champion

Western Dressage: Intro Test 2 - 73.5% - 1st Place / Intro Test 3 - 72.7% - 1st Place

WOW! Are you looking for fun outside the arena? How about Extreme Haflinger Trail Adventures! No hill is too steep nor bog to deep for this guy. He's shiny and polished in the show ring, but on the trail, he is one rugged and hardy dude. Would do great in the mountains! He's very solid and doesn't mind getting his 'feet' dirty! Hill climbs, up banks, down the road, through the bog, water, whatever - this guy can do it all! He has a great handle and takes each obstacle carefully and thoughtfully. Wonderful navigation of steep up and down inclines. He doesn't rush up or down and is very sure footed. He's aware of his feet and doesn't trip. Andy is also great with swinging branches and getting rubbed and poked with limbs in tight spaces. He can safely be ridden down the road and is traffic safe. No issue trotting away from his buddies. Can be ridden alone down the trail or with a group. Very solid with no jigging, no grass snatching, no rushing back to the trailer or other trail issues. Good with dogs, "killer bunnies" and cows.

Andy has completed the 4Shepherds Desensitization clinic and he was an ABSOLUTE ROCK!!! 

Andy led a group of 18 other riders over FIRE! No kidding - he was fantastic! Not only did he lead them over fire, he also led the way through 'Audible Desensitization' (super loud music) and 'car wash' noodles. Plus, he was equally as solid through tires, cones, over bridges and by flags! He did great in the tight group setting and never got flustered or excited when other horses blew up or stressed out. We're very proud of him!!

Andy is the biggest sweet heart imaginable and if you are within his sight, he is coming over to you! So, there is no catching this horse...he comes to you! Andy loads and unloads out of the trailer easy and without issue. He hauls great alone and does not need a buddy with him. He can also be pastured alone too. Andy is also good for baths, clipping, farrier, vet and tacking up. Also, no issue with tube de-worming. Ties anywhere and does not pull back / set back.  

Andy has extensive experience under harness. We have not personally driven him, but we called up his previous owner to discuss his experience. Andy was the "lead horse" in a two-horse hitch. Meaning, he was on the left side next to the traffic. Best of all - annually, Andy was driven in parades, so he's had a lot of great exposure! Andy knows verbal commands associated with driving including 'Gee', 'Haw', 'Whoa', 'Easy', 'Stand' and 'Step Up'.

The vet sticked Andy right at 14.2hh. As of 4/8/14, Andy is current on coggins, deworming, float and vaccinations including: West Nile, EWT, Rhino, Flu, Strep and Rabies. Andy is an upper / leader type horse in the herd. Not barn or buddy sour. Andy has great bone and clean legs with no previous splints or wear and tear. Andy has clear eyes, sweats good and has no history of colic, founder, skin diseases or other medical issues. He drinks lots of water both at home and on the road. Andy is currently on 24/7 turn-out with 1 to 3 other pasture mates, a run-in shed and free choice hay. He is not receiving (nor does he require) any grain, injections or other maintenance.    

Andy has absolutely ROYAL bloodlines. His sire, A Rock (now deceased), was only 1 of 3 sires with a Gold Rating status in the states. 

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