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In Training - Lydia, IALHA Registered, 2016 Filly  

Meet 2016 Andalusian filly, 'Plata de Coro' out of Stallion 'Hopi RMH' and Dam 'Virtuosa de RMH'. Training and showing has begun with this girl and what fun we are having! She's going great under saddle, has a wonderful foundation in liberty work, trick training and this girl LOVES teeter totters, bridges, bubble wrap, smoke, streams, the leaf blower, tarps, goats, cows and so much more! Check out her pics and videos below...

Lydia Video's

Video: 1st Show Under Saddle - About 30 Rides!

Video: Desensitization & Tricks
Age: weanling - yearling

Video: On the Trail: Solo & Offsite  
Age: 2 year old

Video: Free Lunging &  Liberty Practice
Age: 2 year old

Video: She Likes the Leaf Blower!
Age: yearling

Video: 4 Weeks of Training!

About Lydia

Lydia is absolutely a Future Dressage Star!  She has great movement and a great mind!  We've 'played' with her several times a week since she was 5 months old... little did she know she was learning how to be an amazing little filly!

Lydia loves to play at liberty and learn tricks including:  Spanish Walk, she'll pick up hats, mirror / shadow handler and she's learning the horse 'square dance', "shake" (like a dog shake's their paw) side pass towards and away from the handler, pull her tail to back her up, early stages of bowing / laying down and more! PLUS, she has absolutely mastered all of the basics and will calmly: load the trailer, stand for clipping, stand tied, perfect for hoof handling, easy to catch, she'll pivot on hindquarters / forequarters, she understands lunging and she enjoys being pony'd!  She is now being hauled off-site for trail rides and shows about once or twice a month!  So, she is getting lots of great experience!! She'll cross anything you put in front of her including walking over bubble wrap, tarps, water, poles, wooden platforms, etc. And the best part… This filly will literally come running to me when she hears the leaf blower turn on... that's how brave this girl is! 

Lydia has the BEST personality!! She's curious and her first reaction is always to investigate.  She is very smart and loves to perform.  If I'm around her, but not playing with her (like cleaning stalls), she's just start down her list of tricks to get attention.  She's a laugh-out-load character!!

She's had a great upbringing - running around on about 25 acres. She’s used to other horses, goats, dogs and neighbors have donkey’s, cows and llamas that she’s used to seeing.  She's out 24/7 with access to free choice hay or grass (depending on the season).  She is stalled during bad weather and has no issues.  She's UTD on deworming, farrier care and vaccinations.  And she already has a very long mane! Lydia is also VERY safe to be around. I trust any aged friend or family member around her.

Sire: Hopi RMH, double  registered ANNCE & IALHA

Additional Fun Pics & Videos!

This girl is not even afraid of smoke & fire!

Video: 12 Rides Under Saddle

Lydia  Training - Month 3

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