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Featured Horse: Maddie -- SOLD! Last Update: 10/6

Maddie ROCKED at the 9/22 Fairfield Dressage Show! 

1st Place on all 5 tests & High-Score Champion in both of her divisions!

Maddie is an 11 year old, 15.1-1/2hh Draft Cross x Haflinger mare with MAJOR STAR POWER! She is an absolute knock-out in the ring with success in Dressage, Western Dressage, Hunt Seat Under Saddle, Western Pleasure and Halter classes! Plus, she can be ridden out on trails and this mare is also a wonderful, proven broodmare producing 3 top-class hunter colts. This is a "CAN-DO" horse and she always comes home dripping in ribbons. Maddie is certainly one of those special, rare mares who is sensitive, smart and loving...and most of all, talented! 

NEW videos below and tons more pictures in the Photo Gallery!

Price: $7,500

Maddie has that "WOW" factor under saddle and really shows well. She's just got that flash and charm judges (and spectators) love. Plus, she's extremely well behaved and obedient so it makes showing fun & easy! Maddie has won all 3 Intro level tests as well as High-Score Division Champion for Intro-Level. She's on her way up to Training Level! She's also won Western Dressage Introductory level tests 1 & 2 as well as High-Score Division Champion for Western Dressage. She will also be featured in a Western Dressage video! It's currently in production and is scheduled to be released in November! 

Results: Intro A - 73.75%, Intro B - 68.75%, Intro C - 68.5%, WD Intro 1 - 73.9%, WD Intro 2 - 70.4%

Let's not forget this girl also has success in Hunt Seat, Western Pleasure & Halter classes! This mare can do it all! Maddie is responsive and quite easy to ride. Really soft in the bridle and easy to set up. In fact, she's one of the lightest haffies we've had. She never needs schooling in anything beyond a simple smooth snaffle. She has a smooth trot and great stop. She has a great balance of energy - she's not hot but not lazy either. She's a spectacular mare and quite simply a blast to ride!

Maddie LOVES to get outside the arena! She rides around great in the pasture. Very willing to cross obstacles including tarps, logs, platforms, poles and water. No fear or issues with cows. Comfortable around trucks, tractors and country road traffic doesn't bother her. Also, used to our dog jumping in and out of every bush!

Rides Great Outside the Arena

Fun on the Trail

Great Crossing Obstacles

No Fear or Issues with Cows

Maddie has excellent ground manners. If you have any doubt, just watch the videos! She will NOT invade your space. She lunges w/t/c, lowers her head on command and is good with clipping, bathing, fly spraying and she stands quietly tied. She's getting pretty good at ground tying too! 

Maddie hauls well in the trailer, loads and unloads good. She easily backs out of the step-down type trailer. Good with other horses or alone in the pasture. Not barn or buddy sour. She'd be an excellent choice as an only-horse because she bonds so tightly with 'her person'. She does not need other horses around to keep her happy.

Successful Start on Jumps

Show Winner in Halter Classes

Fun on the Farm

Maddie has a wonderful background. She is a PROVEN broodmare producing 3 top class hunters that now compete in the Waco and Austin area. Maddie had 3 breedings to TB sport horse stallion "Man in Motion" out of River Edge Ranch. All 3 of their foals matured to 16.2hh! This mare throws huge offspring and she passes along her great temperament, height and bone density. Previous owner said her foals are "born broke." Maddie was also recently considered to be an embryo recipient mare because she's such an outstanding mother. This spring, Maddie underwent several reproductive ultrasounds and was found to have a normal reproductive tract.

Maddie has had the same vet for the past 8 years. This vet confirmed Maddie has had no history of injury, illness or disease. This vet did a thorough health examination and found Maddie to be sound of wind, limb and eye. I have that complete report to share if requested.

Per the vet, Maddie measures 15.1-1/2 hh. Taped at 1,300 lbs. She is up to date on trimming, de-worming, vaccinations and coggins until Spring 2014. She is open, she sweats good and she's an easy keeper. Maddie drinks LOTS of water and she has great hooves which do not require shoes.

Maddie is the 1-person-horse-type. She is so unbelievably sweet and extremely loyal, but she is shy around new people. Maddie gives 100% to her trusted handler and looks to them for leadership and direction, not other horses. She is NOT herd, barn or buddy sour. She's also not moody or "marish". She genuinely enjoys the company of ‘her person’. Maddie is not the ALPHA mare, rather she avoids conflicts and stays out of trouble. She does great in new locations and is super easy at show grounds. She is a thoughtful mare who likes to stay in the loop with what you are thinking. Her funniest attribute is her talkative nature. Lots of low, quiet, happy nickers lets you know she’s with you!

Fantastic mare for youth or amateur rider! 

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