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Nicoli (Nico) is a beautiful, 16hh+ Draft Cross (Belgian x Haflinger), 4 year old gelding. Even with his striking good looks aside, this guy has the stand-alone brains and temperament to make his mark! He has a heart the size of Texas and absolutely THE BEST personality. 

Nico is a flashy bundle of charm and natural born talent! He is already cleaning up in the show ring and is PURE FUN on the trail!

Offered for sale: $20,000 

Nico is a BLAST to ride! This guy was born calm and grounded. That said, he's no deadhead, but he never gets 'hot' or hard to manage either. Nico is just an easy to ride, uncomplicated, push style horse and he never goes faster than what's asked of him. He's soft in the bridle and responsive to leg and seat aids. Nico rides great in a Myler Level 1 eggbutt or other simple snaffle and never needs anything stronger. He's also easy in an open field on a windy day or an enclosed arena with other horses. He is easy to push up to English for Hunt Seat or Dressage, or he can easily be brought down for Western Dressage. He's has a great start to lateral work including: side passing, pivoting on forehand and hindquarters, leg yielding and he is starting shoulder / haunches in work. Nico naturally has a rocking horse type canter - it's big, but very easy to manage. He is young and his canter still needs development, but improvements are seen with every ride! Nico is also trotting and cantering over ground poles and cross rails and loving it! He absolutely has potential for hunter / foxhunting type work. Nico simply proves to us time and time again, just how versatile and open minded he is. He is truly a fun and absolutely joyful partner!

Nico already has show-ring success in hunt seat, trail, halter and as a 3 year old, he went undefeated in Western Dressage at his first dressage show! He scored 75.4% on his Intro 2 test and an impressive 77.5% in his Intro 3 test! Nico is now ready to show and win at Training Level.

MUST SEE this video! Nico will cross anything! He's crossed everything we've put in his path including: teeter totters, bridges, large and small water crossings, platforms, logs, tarps and huge hill-side horse sized steps. He's good with dogs zooming by, "killer bunnies" that jump out at his feet and cows. Nico has no buddy issues and can be ridden alone or in a group. He'll lead or follow. He'll drag items, you can ride him up to check the mail, ride between swings and you can open and close gates from his back. He is THE PERFECT choice for someone who wants to do obstacle courses. He is WAY more fun the average trail horse! Oh, and he thinks trash bags, tarps, barrels, ropes and umbrellas are toys invented for his own entertainment! 

MUST SEE this video! Nico always meets you at the gate and nickers 'hello'. If he's at the far end of the pasture, he always comes running to meet you. He is also quite the socializer and wants to be involved with whatever you are doing! He'll stand tied to the trailer all day (like at a show), loads and unloads easily, doesn't pull back / sit back when tied, good for baths, clipping, the farrier and the vet. No issues with fly spray or tube de-worming. No issues with tacking up and no bad behavior or vices (although he wants to chew on every rope he sees!). Nico has been schooled to yield to pressure when / if he steps on his rope, so he doesn't panic in that situation. Nico has also been schooled to side pass TOWARDS you, so he'll actually step towards you and lines himself up at the mounting block! He'll also side pass away from you and has cues for pivoting on his front and hindquarters. He'll lower his head on cue for grooming. Solid w/t/c on the lunge line has cues for speeding up, slowing down, changing direction and stopping. Plus, he's also hobble trained! Nico is also quite playful and likes to play games!  

Nico is HID registered with the USDF / #: 1112837. He is UTD on coggins, deworming and shots including: West Nile, EWT, Rhino, Flu, Strep and Rabies. He had wolf teeth extracted and float January, 2014. Nico can be pastured alone or with a herd. He'll stay in any kind of fencing including a single strand electric fence. He is currently on 24/7 turn out with a run-in stall. Nico is an easy keeper and currently only on grass. Nico is sound with no previous injuries or medical issues. No allergies and no maintenance required of any kind. He has superb, barefoot hooves. Among many other praises from the vet & farrier, his excellent hoof structure was one of them. Nico will NEVER need shoes or hoof boots. He's very comfortable on hard surfaces and even gravel. Nico was born 5/11/2011. 

We bought Nico as a 2 year old in January, 2014 from the family that had raised him. Nico has always had top care and the best handling. There is no mystery background or questionable circumstances - we know his complete history and experiences. Nico's training was started slow and right with a strong focus on ground work during his 2 year old year and then slowly started under saddle with a focus on longevity. 

Nico is THE PERFECT lifelong partner for someone wanting a SANE, SOUND, versatile young horse. I do not believe there is another young horse with his mind, thoroughness of training and list of experiences. He's quite amazing!

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