Glee Hastings Horses


Our Core Group

Meet Eeyore!  Eeyore has been our rock for over 10 years.  He is half haflinger and solid gold!  Eeyore is a very special horse and absolutely family.  This horse is bombproof, brave and perfectly behaved...all the time.  He a gift straight from heaven and we're so thankful to have him.  He has some pretty neat training too!  Eeyore has been taught to steer and listen to commands 100% off of seat and legs.  Bareback and bridle-less anyone?  That's right, this guy needs no saddle and no bridle.  He's amazing to watch (and ride). He's also so good, that he's even taught students how to ride with no saddle or bridle so they learn feel and control.  Among Eeyore's many accomplishments, he's shown, competed or schooled in Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat, Jumping, English Dressage, Western Dressage, ACTHA competitions, Cowboy Races and last but not least, Working Equitation!

Meet Rabbit!  Rabbit is a 2010 haflinger molly mule. We bought Rabbit at 4 months old and she's been entertainment since day one.  Do not let her little 12.3hh size fool you though, this girl has a motor!  She is my little trail machine when covering ground is the mission.   She's a rock on trails and we love taking her out to West Texas when serious trail rides are in order.  She can go all day and does extraordinarily well around deer, wild hogs and other wildlife.  She's about as sweet, loving, brave and tough as nails as they come!  

Our Horses

We have a limited number of horses, most of which are our personal rides.  Our mission is to choose and train horses we could literally keep forever.  Why would we sell a horse we wouldn’t want to keep ourselves?  There is no pressure to buy one of our horses because we'd love to hang onto them.  Only after they pass certain training requirements, are they made available for purchase. Training is a passion of ours and we enjoy sharing well trained, well-mannered horses.  Because of our long standing relationship with our fellow equine friend, we know all there is to know about how each horse will react in various situations.  We’ve personally ridden them through desensitization clinics, on the trail, through the cows, across the creeks, in competitive trail rides, at shows, etc. 

                                      Sweetie at 5 Months                                                                                                      Sweetie at 1 Year                                                                         Sold as Trained 3 Year Old





Equine Lifestyle and Care

Life is good here on the farm.  Green Rye, Wheat and Oat grass during the winter months and Coastal grazing during the summer.  We bale all our own hay of which horses are fed free choice in between seasons.  We have 5 pastures that horses are rotated on so pastures remain unstressed and in top condition.  Each pasture either has a run-in shed or barn.  Horses are stalled during storms, but otherwise on 24/7 turnout.  We only keep and offer barefoot sound horses, so shoes are not a requirement.  Regular farrier trims, vaccinations, de-worming and floats are standard so all horses remain in top condition.  Horses are brushed daily and kept fly sprayed, bathed and clipped as needed.

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