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WOWZA! This mare is total STAR and total LOVE!! Piper is an absolutely amazing 11 year old, Draft Cross mare. About as FANCY and SWEET as they come!! NOT marish. She has the best personality and this girl is a total powerhouse! Not at all hot or hard to handle, but she has the good kind of fire with fantastic engagement. She is smooth as glass and I'd put her trot up against any gaited horse in terms of comfort. She's fun to watch and to ride! 

Piper's history includes primarily trail riding, camp-outs in the mountains and she even has some driving training! We have taken her under-saddle training to the next level with a focus on Dressage. We've also sprinkled in some Hunt Seat, trail rides and obstacle course work to keep things interesting!

Piper is AWESOME under saddle!! This 'little' mare is TOUGH to beat and is seriously competitive. She is soft to ride, responsive and light to the aids. Just a whisper from the rider and she's there. Piper is one of those rare, light, forward drafts with a motor! As forward as she is though, she has a good stop and always slows down when asked. She has never bolted, bucked, reared or otherwise tried creative attempts to unseat the rider. NOT SPOOKY! She is leg yielding and has a solid W/T/C and picks up both her leads. Piper excels in the show-ring and always comes home dripping in blue ribbons!

Piper has experience on the trail and on road rides! We've taken her nearly to the next town via back country roads. No issues with traffic, barking dogs running up to the fence, cows, bridges, etc. She does great alone!! Also, NOT SPOOKY!! 

Piper is broke to drive! She has about a year of on-and-off experience with driving single. She has a solid start if someone wanted to pursue driving training. Perfect CDE prospect!

Piper is super sweet and super safe on the ground!

  • Lunges - WTC and knows cues for reversing direction and transitions
  • Yields hindquarters, forequarters and side passes with ground cues

  • Walks with and respects handler, stops when handler stops and backs when handler backs up

  • Loads good in the trailer and quiet during transportation

  • Ties good / does not sit back / she stands quietly tied all day (like at a show)

  • Good for hoof handling and farrier visits

  • Model horse for vet visits

  • Easy to catch and greets you at the gate

  • Easy girl to clip... ears, legs, anywhere with ease!

  • Sweet, Sweet, Sweet

  • Piper is a Belgian x Quarter Horse Cross

  • Piper is UTD on shots, coggins, farrier work and de-worming

  • Piper is barefoot and sound with strong hooves

  • Piper is excellent in a herd situation and prefers to be the peace keeper (versus trouble maker). No issue with other mares or geldings

  • She is out 24/7 during good weather and stalled during storms / no pasture or stall vices

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