Glee Hastings Horses



Lola ASH

Congratulations Kai Handt / North Texas Equestrian Center on your purchase of Lola!


MUST SEE Bareback and Bridleless Video...

Under Saddle...




Congratulations Patti in BC, Canada!


Under Saddle...

Ground Manners...

Money Matters NTF

Congratulations Ben in California!



Sophias Jewel LLH

Congratulations Stacey in Greenville, TX! 




GH Red Repose

Sold to my very good friend Kristine right here in Blooming Grove!

2008 PtHA Gelding 



Pepper is in training for her first trip to CO as a hunting mule!

Pepper is a Haflinger Mule / out of a Mammoth Jack

This is so cute - see Pepper's Training...



Sweetie LOVES her new home with Kristin B. in Dallas!

3 years old - under saddle

3 years old - ground work

Yearling Video Bowing and Ground Tying


Congratulations to General's New Owners!

 General - under saddle


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