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I have known Glee since 2012 when she attended one of my clinics. She has since attended several with multiple horses. Glee is a talented trainer and rider. Her horses are consistent. Glee possesses a quiet nature that is reflective of a top trainer and this confidence and nature are instilled into the horses she trains. Her desire is the quality of the horse. She takes her time and educates the horse instead of just getting the horse to perform. I confidently recommend Glee for your equine needs. You will not find a better person to entrust your horse to! 

Scott Shepherd

4Shepherds Horsemanship 

Former Head Trainer for the Dallas Police Department Mounted Unit


Scooters' buyer at their first show together. I think the video says it all! :) 


Very busy day yesterday in my job as personal secretary for Alvin's fan club. It was sunny and about 40 with no wind. He spent about 45 minutes on grass and then the rest of the day in the round pen with a steady stream of visitors. It was quite wet and sloppy out there. he had a few good rolls in the wet sand and looks like a cinnamon coated donut. His future girlfriend spent the day watching him from the arena. He was a perfect gentleman today too. I adore him!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

- N.B.



Hi! I just want you to know that Lola is the BEST horse we could have ever hoped for! My girls are in LOVE! The trainers at the barn are in LOVE!  

We can’t wait for the show season to start! Thank you so much for all the training and experience and love you put into that horse — it has been such a blessing to have our first horse be such a perfect fit.

We have two daughters who ride, and two girls need two horses — and we have fallen in love with this breed. I don’t know if you have anybody coming up through the ranks who might be a possibility, or a horse that you know and have followed that might be outgrown. I am starting the search with you.

Either way, I appreciate any information and I am most happy to just thank you for our dear sweet Lola.

Have a great day, and thanks, 

- J.G.


Hi Glee! I wanted to let you know how much fun we are having with Newt. He is awesome! For the first several months that we had him, Irene came out and worked with him and our other horse a few times a week. She got us all settled in and now we are just playing around on our own. 

A normal week for him is that Barkley and I go out there after school on Wednesdays and ride until sunset (and sometime continue well after sunset, even tho we have no lights!). I’m on Gus and Barkley rides Newt. We’ll start in the arena (we built a dressage arena in the front part of their pasture) and then we usually go for a trail ride around the property. My neighbor has 120 acres and he is happy for us to come explore. It was the coolest thing ever for me to see my daughter and her friend go riding off, through the river, with instructions to be back by sunset, knowing that they are on these calm, reliable horses that will take good care of them. Thank you, Glee!

Then we are typically there again on the weekend. They often run over to us from wherever they are in the pasture when they see us coming with the halters, so I guess that’s a sign that he’s happy! My favorite way to ride on Newt is bareback. He is so responsive and so willing to please!

I wanted to show you his newest trick! Barkley is in the process of starting him on jumps. This picture from this past weekend was his first day to try! Pretty cute, huh? He really seems to like it! I’ll send you another one once he has a rider on board.

I hope 2015 treats you well! - L.B.


Speechless, you have done more than I ever expected. Truly a professional job. Thank you. 

- D.W.


…So I guess that wraps it up! Sam is a keeper! We all like him a lot, and I feel certain he likes us back! 

Thank you so much! I feel very lucky to have Sam.



Hi Glee,

... Andy is just an amazing guy. My grandson actually talks to him about spider man and some video game lol. Yesterday before I closed up I looked over and brayden was showing him a video of something on the Ipad LOL. What was oddly amazing was, it looked like Andy was watching it lol. Anyway .... He's such a joy! . All the best for my boys lol. Thank you again for bringing such a wonderful joy into my life ! His personality just makes me smile and his Andy hugs seem to bring joy to EVERY ONE. Even the guest horses watched him LOL. That really made me laugh lol. Hope all is well, talk with you sometime soon and remember your always welcome to stop by :)

- A.H.


Bet you didn't imagine that this little horse would end up in the mountains. He's amazing on the trail and loves to go out. The rocky turaine causes him to walk tenderly so I had to put shoes on him which he loves but as you probably know, he over reaches with his back feet and pulls off the front shoes. Sooooooo, to remedy that problem he now sports new Renegade horse boots which work just great so he can now be barefoot in his paddock. A couple of pictures of his new red boots which match his saddle pad and also more easily seen if they come off in streams or rivers.

   Also enclosed a couple of pictures of him with his herd. They all get along like peas in a pod. My two blacks and Melonies white quarter horse which is Mojave's best friend. They even eat out of the same pile. I won't keep sending you e-mail as I'm sure it tweeks a bit of nostalgia but I thought you'd like to see he's in an awesome spot and you can see by the pictures that he's fuzzing up for the winter



Glee - I thought you would appreciate this. Tucker has several new friends but none like “Happy”...  

Apparently, they swim together and groom each other. It’s so precious. He’s doing well and is a joy to ride

- M.S.


Thanks Glee! Can't wait for her to get here!!! You've been awesome - I will tell anyone looking for a Halflinger to call you first.

If you are up this way for anything - call me!

- L.K.


Hi Glee,

Just thought I'd send a quick note to let you know that Jewel is doing just fine. She is fitting in with the rest of the horses and she just loves my old mare Savannah. :) She follows her everywhere. 

I enjoy spending time with her every day and she is a very social horse. She meets me at the gate. My husband also seems to have a soft spot for her and is waiting patiently for her to have her baby and be rideable for him. lol 

Hope everything is going well for you and your husband. I'll send pictures when I have some new ones. 

- S.S.

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