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Start with the proper beginning so the horse is mentally & emotionally prepared for the next stage of development!

Discovery. Growth. Education. Excellence.

Encouraging and educating young horses builds confidence, drives a curious, adventurous spirit and most importantly, keeps them easy and fun to handle! Cultivating this 'early education' behavior, prepares the way for an extremely willing, thoughtful riding partner. Our mission with each horse is to set a foundation which transcends their life and extends to any discipline. Whether the goal is have a show horse, dressage horse, cow horse, trail horse or simply a safe companion, our horses are started right!


  • A+ Barn Manners & 'Life' Skills
  • Desensitization
  • Trail & Obstacle Exposure
  • Liberty
  • Trick Training
  • Total Body Control: Yielding, Pivoting, Side Passing, etc.
  • Emotional Control: Independence, Confidence, Courage, Patience
  • Age Appropriate Under Saddle Preparation, for drama free transition

'GOOD' LEVEL 1: Core Competencies

Level 1 is about mastering the basics! Horses in this level will master the following: * Catching / Coming in from the pasture when called * Clipping * Trailer Loading * Leading * Yielding / Flexing to Halter Pressure * Standing Tied Concept Sessions * Hoof Handling / Farrier Manners * Feeding time manners * Bathing * Pony'd in the arena * Offsite exposure with older babysitter horse for confidence * Baby Steps Desensitization including crossing easy obstacles and being desensitized to ropes, saddle pads, etc.

Video example below is of a 'Cocoa', whom at the time of this video, we've only had in training 3 weeks! Still lots of work to do with Core Competencies, but connection and engagement training begins immediately!

'BETTER' LEVEL 2: Better than the Basics 

Level 2 is all about building confidence and setting the ground work for higher levels of learning. Horses in this level will master the following: Confidence AWAY from the herd with lots of solo hand walking and hand grazing away from herd mates * Pony'd outside the arena / down the trail * Monitored Standing Tied Sessions * Lunging (as appropriate for age) * pivoting forequarters / hindquarters * side passing away and TOWARDS the handler * Desensitization including more challenging obstacles and "scarier" objects  

Video example below is of 'Cricket', whom at the time of this video, we've had in training about 5 months.

'BEST' LEVEL 3: Advanced Level 

Level 3 is for your baby equine genius who has been in the program for some time and has mastered Levels 1 & 2. Horses in this level will primarily master Tricks and Liberty Work. Significant emphasis is placed on teaching the young horse to master their emotions and remain calm in stressful situations. Additionally, these horses are schooled to read human body language and understand voice commands, creating an attentive, extremely respectful, willing and obedient partner!

Video example below is of 'Lydia'. We began her training as a weanling and at 3, she was very accomplished at liberty!

(note - footage above is of 3 year old 'Lydia')

Age appropriate horses will also learn under-saddle training as well. This includes: desensitization to saddle, bridling, yielding / softness to bit, carrying a rider and learning the basics under saddle. Horses are started in a Dressage foundation, but also exposed to many areas such as trail rides, Hunt Seat, Western Pleasure, Shows, clinics and more!

Video examples below of 3 Year Olds Under Saddle... starting with the proper beginning pays off!

Compilation: Weanling - 2 YO

Weanling Training Videos

Yearling Training Videos

3 Year Old Ground Work Training Videos

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